Nicole posted on September-18-2020
I have started college and the experience is already so different than what I thought it would be with virtual classes. I've always wanted to be in a sorority. Do you think I should still rush a sorority even if it will probably be a different experience?
CatriceS replied on September-30-2020
Hi Nicole, I think you should still rush. We don't know how long things will look like this but you will still be able to create bonds with your sisters even if it's not the typical setting. And the different experience may be even more fun because you will have to be creative with activities. Don't let the changes scare you. If you have the opportunity to rush I say do it!
rodle replied on October-7-2020
Hi Nicole, I am in a sorority and can honestly say that it has changed my life for the better in many more ways than are even imaginable. The experience you would have in a sorority during a pandemic will definitely be different! But that doesn't have to be a bad thing, it may be different but it's still YOUR experience! Wipe away all the expectations of what a traditional sorority experience would be and just let the experience be uniquely yours! You will likely meet some of your best friends and create lasting relationships.